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So impressed by my clients
It's puppy time
The girls are laying
positive comments towards my clients' dog from other dog owners
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So impressed by my clients

I was just reflecting on the care, love and time all my clients put into their dogs both young and old.
All my clients seem so responsible and dedicated to their pets.  For example, I have two puppy clients which sit and wait better than lots of much older dogs. Other clients have rescue dogs and show such a commitment to their rehabilitation where others would have given up, and others still that are really responsible socially with their dog (a gorgeous girl who signs "woohoo" when I arrive).

It's puppy time

We have very much enjoyed the care of a gorgeous young labrador.  She is delightful, cute and very clever.  On our first visit she responed very quickly to clicker training and has learnt to wave when I wiggle my finger.  Adorable especially with her chunky puppy paws.  By the second visit, she has again very quickly demonstrated a perfect walk to heel.   Well done pup :)

positive comments towards my clients' dog from other dog owners

On two seperate occasions today, owners of two different dogs I was walking have received really positive comments from other dog walkers.
One dog owner was praised by a fellow dog owner for opting for her dog to wear a muzzle.  I explained that this particular dog is such a sweet dog but has an unpredictable nature with "bouncy" dogs.  Rather than risk an incident the owner very wisely uses a soft muzzle when her dog is likely to come into contact with others, such as in the park, woods etc.

Laughing dogs

A really enjoyable walk with our young pup client and my own dog.  The puppy really loves Sunshine and the feeling is mutual.
They were playing with each other in the woods today and it was lovely to watch them grinning at each other and I could actually hear them making noises that was really similar to laughing.
Lovely when dogs are a well socialised from a early age like this.

Positive comments from people in the park

I was really proud and pleased today when I was walking one of my special needs dog's today.  A local man who we pass whilst out walking every now and again, stopped to comment on the dog in question and was full of praise for the changes in the dog.  He said how much the dog had improved since I started walking him and how noticeable the changes in the dog's behaviour are.
This was very welcome praise indeed and I was over the moon that all these little changes are coming together.

Puppy Days

We are enjoying the care of a young puppy called Muffin.  He is quite the little character and full of fun and energy.
It is lovely watching this puppy develop and grow week on week.  It is so fulfilling helping with his training and socialising experiences.  

It's been a while....

Well, it's all been very busy here and I'm afraid the blog spot suffered somewhat. A promise to rectify that.
One of our most sensitive dog walking clients is make amazing progress.  This young fella requires very special handling and wears a muzzle.  He is a very lovely young dog, he is just very, very frightened.  I am so impressed by his owners' commitment and dedication to this fella.  They rescued him and have no idea as to what this poor dog has endured. I shudder to think.

Two special dogs

Said hello to two special four legged furries today :) Am so excited to be choosen to be with these two dogs. Challenging but infinately rewarding and pleasurable. Good times to come.
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