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About Me

Hello, my name is Pippa, I'd like to introduce what matters to me most. 

  • My complete focus is always your pet(s).
  • I build up a very trusting and knowledgeable relationship, with both the owner and pets.  My aim is for the owner to feel confident and reassured.
  • Your pet(s) should not notice any difference between your care and mine. 
  • The transition in care is seamless and stress free for your pets.
  • I take the health, safety and well-being of the pets in my care extremely seriously.
  • Your pet(s) are important members of your family and will always be treated with the kindness and respect they deserve.
  • Appointments are always tailored to the particular needs of your pet(s), no two animals are ever the same.

I honestly love my job. I love to see the excitement and pleasure in the faces and bodies of those animals I care for, it feels good to make animals and their owners happy.

What is Your Background?

  • I started working with dogs as a kennel maid at 9 years of age (it was years ago when things weren't so strictly enforced!). 
  • Rescue dog experience; dog walking at weekends and then fostering and temperament assessing the rescue dogs. 
  • Level 3 City and Guilds Dog Groomer (including City and Guilds dog grooming introduction, City and Guilds Dog Grooming Level 2 and Level 3), working at an internationally renowned dog grooming salon/grooming training school.  This included teaching students how to care, handle and preform health checks for the dogs (and cats) in their care.  
  • My City and Guilds Level 3 qualifications gave me so much knowledge of breeds, coat types, diseases, first aid to name a few things.  I use this knowledge everyday with my clients.
  • The years of working with dogs so closely with dogs as a dog groomer gave me invaluable practical knowledge of dog behaviour and canine body language. An operation, left me unable to groom, so very sadly, I had to stop.
  • I started my dog walking business part-time (still part-time grooming).  When I started my business I would only walk one household at a time while I gained experience, I only started group walks when I felt I had the necessary experience and knowledge.  
  • My dog learning journey will never stop, I have continued my education to include Canine Communication qualifications, I am Canine Arthritis Management Advocate, a certified Pro Dog Trainer, a Puppy Specialist and a licensed Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor.  My journey this space!
  • I am currently the owner of a large, bouncy Rhodesian Ridgeback and a "Jug" a teeny, tiny mixed breed (Jack Russell/Pug). 
  • Previously I have owned a Jack Russell (who went to university with me), a rescue Border Collie (a ex-farm dog who was sacked from the farm) and a rescue medium sized crossbreed. Other pets I have owned include; a rescue cat, tropical fish, chickens, dwarf hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Given your Experience Are You More Expensive Than Other Companies?

No, not in comparison to dog walkers who walk on much larger group basis, or those that work as a pair (where they merge groups into a mega pack walk), I work out cheaper.  My group size is smaller than most other dog walkers, and is in line with RSPCA guidance. This allows me to focus on your dog and for your dog to get all the attention they need, so much more than they would in a large group setting. This small group walking ethos is much safer and allows me to really get to know your dog and have a real, lasting bond.

For cat sitting and small animal sitting I work out to be cheaper and much more flexible in my pricing, allowing you to pick and mix the exact care you need. It also means that you know exactly how much time you are booking.

How Come I Haven't Seen Your Van?

You will have seen my van but it's just a typical white van without any signage.  Van signage would offer great free business advertising but it also advertises to complete strangers that I'm at your house and you probably aren't.  I'm very security conscious so I have always offered a more discrete service.

What Areas Do You Cover?

I live in Nab Wood, Shipley. I cover Shipley and the surrounding areas within a 7 mile radius including Cottingley, Saltaire, Bingley, Idle, Wrose, Wilsden, Keighley, East Riddlesen, East Morton, Silsden, Bradford, Baildon, Eldwick, Manningham, Heaton etc.

Please look through my website, and then, if I seem like the right person for you just click on the button below to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

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