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  • Pippa is An ABTC registered Animal Training Instructor.

  • The ABTC register is the only list of dog trainers recommended by the RSPCA and the Dogs Trust.

  • Tested in every aspect of a dog trainer's role.

  • I only give advice and training I'm qualified to give.

  • I'm a multi-certified trainer, including being one of the few Certified Control Unleashed Instructors in the whole of the UK.

  • You'll find training with me fun and engaging.

  • Learn useful and practical skills, that you'll use throughout your dog's life.

  • Focus on providing effective and fulfilling training to create a happy, confident learner.

  • Incorporate training seamlessly into your everyday life.

  • Motivate and help your puppy/dog to learn via food, play, petting, and life rewards.

  • Grow your confidence in your own training abilities.

  • Use scientifically proven training methods to create a relationship with your puppy/dog built on trust.

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